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Weatherhub – Wireless Monitoring System

Starter set for the monitoring of heating systems WEATHERHUB OBSERVER.

Use the WEATHERHUB OBSERVER web platform for professional heating monitoring and documentation.
The starter set includes a thermo-hygro transmitter for measuring the room air (temperature and humidity). At the same time, the temperature can be measured at a measuring point around the heating system using the special extra-flat cable sensor.



  • Large measuring range (up to 110 ° C)
  • High accuracy
  • Data transmission every 3.5 min.
  • The measuring data will be sent via the gateway and the Internet directly to a server
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Display of the recorded data as a clear diagram, adjustable to fixed time ranges – day, week or month
  • Availability of the data on the server for min. 90 days
  • Export of data as PDF (graphically) or as CSV file (text file)
  • Automation of the monitoring possible, export of the data via e-mail
  • Extensive possibilities for setting alerts (via e-mail)
  • The WEATHERHUB OBSERVER platform is free of charge and does not require any additional costs or subscription fee, costs will only arise for the required hardware and, if necessary, for the Internet connection


Please download the datasheet here. (pdf)

ThermaData Wifi – WiFi Data Logger with Internal Sensor

Access your critical temperature data from anywhere in the world with our new ThermaData Wi-Fi Loggers. Use your existing Wi-Fi router network with no additional gateways or repeaters to transmit and view temperature readings of walk-ins, cooking areas, prep areas, cold holding, ovens, and much more.



  • resolution of 0.1 °C/°F
  • programmable high/low alarm
  • email alerts when alarm limits exceeded
  • access temperature data worldwide via internet
  • user friendly, simple setup
  • a battery powered, cost-effective, temperature monitoring system
  • Accuracy to ±0.7°F (±0.4°C)
  • Wireless connectivity using existing WiFi network


Please download the datasheet here. (pdf)

Temp NFC – Single and Multi Use Datalogger

Manage temperature monitoring using smartphones or tablets and INSTANTLY share the readings you downloaded. This is a data logger for temperature controlled transports. Download the free App, manage your data loggers, share the information and focus only on your tasks.




  • Start and download logs using NFC enabled Android devices (App downloadable from Google Play)
  • Long life battery enclosed; 10 year shelf life in standby
  • Manual start option by means of the Start button
  • Mission status LED and button (running, stopped, OK, alarm)
  • Real time checks against alarm thresholds and transport duration; MKT calculation is done on the App
  • Bar Code and QR Code scan of the items being monitored in the shipment
  • Geolocalization of the start and stop positions, saved with the mission data
  • View Readings in graphical or tabular format
  • Create mission templates to quickly start the devices, without entering settings every time.
  • Additional Information: sender, receiver, operator, notes etc.
  • Automatically send PDF reports to the email address set by the person sending the goods


Please download the datasheet here. (pdf)

SterilDisk Datalogger for Temperature

High meas­uring range up to 140°C, water- and pres­sure resist (IP 68 and 10 bar).

Food-safe steel AISI316L, memory for 20.000 read­ings,

Meas­uring interval from 1s . High accuracy: +-0,2°C.

Battery can be changed inde­pend­ently.



Meas­uring range -20°C…+140°C
Resol­u­tion 0,01°C
Accuracy ±0,2°C within calib­rated range +25…140°C
Memory 20.000 meas­ure­ments
Voltage battery, change­able
Battery life Calcu­lated battery life­time at 25°C and interval 1s approx­im­ately 1.400.000 acquis­i­tions
Dimen­sions Logger18 x 36 mm
Cable 300 x 4mm
Sensor 50 x 3mm
Weight 80 g



LOG32TH, Temperature & Humidity PDF-Datalogger

Temperature & Humidity logger with the integrated USB-interface.

  • Automatic PDF creation and useable without software
  • Approximately 60,000 measurements (temperature & humidity)
  • Free adjustable recording interval 30 seconds up to 24 hours


  • Memory size: 60.000 measurements
  • Usable without software (default settings)
    (5-minutes-interval, without alarm settings)
  • Automatic PDF creation (no drivers required)
  • Optional software download (free adjustable recording interval: 30 seconds…24 hours)
  • Status- and Alarm-LEDs
  • Includes wall mount


Please download the datasheet here. (pdf)

DOS 001 – Stiko Deadweight Testers

High accuracy deadweight tester with an accuracy of 0.01% of reading.


  • Two 4-wire analogue output 0-5/10 V or 0/4-20 mA
  • ABS housing IP 65, with or without 2-lines 19-digits LCD display, 2 relays, software or keyboard
  • Quick and easy mounting with the 1/4 turn system with wall-mount plate
  • Configurable air velocity range from 0 to 30 m/s with hotwire probe


Please refer to product’s datasheet (PDF)

TS40P, Taishio Pneumatic Pressure Handpump

  • Pressure to 40 Bar, vacuum better than 0.95 bar
  • Through hand operated  scissors action pump
  • With 1m flexible hose with 1/4″ BSP (F) swivel adaptor for connecting the test instrument
  • Combination of vacuum and pressure


Please refer to product’s datasheet (PDF)

MGF16BN – Meriam Digital Pressure Gauge (Medical)

The MGF16BN digital pressure gauge is designed to handle the demands of pressure measurement. Pressure ranges are available to 5 000 PSIG at standard accuracy of ± 0.25 % of full scale or higher accuracy of ± 0.1 % of full scale.


The display is a 4 digit LCD with 0.5″ high numerals and a lower alphanumeric display for engineering units to aid in set up. Each gauge includes up to 15 selectable engineering units depending on the sensor range. The gauge is powered by two AA alkaline batteries.


  • ±0.25% Test Gauge Accuracy
  • 316L Stainless Steel Wetted Parts
  • NEMA 4X
  • Capture Minimum and Maximum Readings
  • Push Button Zero
  • Selectable Engineering Units
  • Selectable Auto Shutoff Times


Please refer to product’s datasheet (PDF)

TS-DPG-110, Taishio High Accuracy Digital Pressure Gauge

High-precision pressure sensor 0.2% FS accuracy


  • 4-digit LCD showing the pressure reading accurately in real time
  • Different pressure units to choose from, zero clearing, backlight on/off
  • Display units: kPa, PSI, kg/cm2, Bar, MPa
  • Battery-powered, low-power design
  • High-precision pressure sensor 0.2%FS
  • Overload Capacity 150%
  • Operating Temperature 0 to 40°C


Please refer to product’s datasheet (PDF)

MPG 7000 Plus – MeriGauge® Plus Digital Pressure Gauge

Model: MPG 7000 Plus

The MPG7000 Plus is a digital pressure gauge with inter-changable sensors, allowing flexibility to the user, sensors contain the calibration, various types and ranges.


  • 10 Interchangeable Smart Sensor Modules
  • Compound gauge pressure range -14.5 to 3000 PSIG
  • Ranges 15-3000 psi
  • Gauge works with all meriSense sensors
  • Up to 32 engineering units
  • Fully configurable via meriLink™ PC Software
  • Update rate, 5 measurements per second
  • Standard delivery: Meriam MPG7000 Plus Digital Pressure Gauge, Sensor module 0-300 PSIG
  • Intrinsically Safe, IP 66


Please refer to product’s datasheet (PDF)

Model 989, Isotech Black Body Source

Model: Black Body Source, 989

It was used to increase the accuracy of thermal imagers measuring human skin temperature in temperature screening of applications. It can also be used to check non-contact clinical thermometers. The upgraded controller can either be locked to a single temperature or it can be adjusted over a new wider temperature range of 20°C to 50°C. Model 989 also has a PC
interface fitted as standard. It allows the temperature to be both monitored and adjusted from a PC.



Please refer to product’s datasheet (PDF)


  • Improves accuracy of Fever Detection Systems
  • Covers 20°C to 50°C with Fast Thermal Response
  • Check Non-Contact Thermometers
  • The blackbody can maintain its set point in high ambient temperature conditions and it can also operate below the ambient temperature

Pegasus R, Isotech Black Body Source

Model: Pegasus R 970


High temperature blackbody source, 150°C to 1200°C with accuracy of ±0.1°C


  • Portable black body calibration source for radiation pyrometers
  • Laboratory performance and low certainty calibrations
  • Built-in temperature indicator and included platinum resistance thermometer
  • Excellent temperature uniformity


Please refer to product’s datasheet (PDF)

Gemini R – Isotech Black Body Source

Model: Gemini R 976

Medium Temperature Blackbody Source, 30°C to 550°C with accuracy of ±0.1°C


  • Portable black body calibration source for non-contact thermometers ranging from 30 to 550°C
  • Laboratory performance and low uncertainty calibrations
  • Built-in temperature indicator and included platinum resistance thermometer
  • Excellent temperature uniformity
  • For the smallest of uncertainties the Gemini R may be used with Isotech ITS-90 Fixed Point Cells,
    Gallium 29.7646°C, Indium 156.5985°C, Tin 231.928°C and Zinc 419.527°C


Please refer to product’s datasheet (PDF)


Hyperion R – Isotech Black Body Source

Model: Hyperion R 982


Low Temperature Blackbody Source, -10°C to 80°C with accuracy ±0.01°C.


  • Portable black body calibration source for non-contact thermometers ranging from -10 to 80°C
  • Suitable as primary radiation source for infrared thermometers from sub zero to 80°C
  • Laboratory performance and low uncertainty calibrations
  • Built-in temperature indicator and included platinum resistance thermometer
  • Excellent temperature uniformity


Please refer to product’s datasheet (PDF)

MFT 4010 – Meriam Modular Calibrator with HART® Communicator

Model : MFT 4010


All-in-One tool. Takes the place of multiple handheld instruments, simplifies workload and improves productivity


  • Multifunctional tester: Modular Calibrator, HART Communication, Documentation with Meriam’s DMS Database Software
  • Calibration types supported: Pressure, T/C, RTD, I/P, P/I, Switch, Loop and mA/V for conventional or HART transmitter or local indicators
  • Device Specific HART commands for smart Analytic, Flow, Level, Pressure, Temperature & Valve devices
  • Three sensor bays for a variety of pressure, temperature and electrical measurement and simulation Sensor Modules
  • Intrinsically Safe option
  • Accuracy: ±0.025%FS traceable to NIST with full temperature compensation from -5 to 50°C


Modules Available

  • Thermocouple Measurement and Simulation
  • Pressure Module
  • RTD Measurement and Simulation
  • Voltage, Current & Simulate and 24V DC Isolated Loop Power



Please refer to product’s datasheet (PDF)


M2000 – Digital Smart Manometer

Model: M2000


Features NIST traceable accuracy ± 0.025 % FS with 30 selectable pressure units


  • Device c/w calibration certificate traceable to
  • Delivers ±[(0.02% of FS) + (0.005% of Reading)]
  • Measures absolute, differential & compound
  • Operating Temperature: -10 °C to +50°C
  • RTD (Temperature) accessory sensor option
    class A PT 100 available:
    – Temperature Accuracy ± 0.15 + 0.002 ltl°C
    – Measurement range of -50 C° to 250°C
  • Leak Test function


Please refer to product’s datasheet (PDF)

M1000 – Meriam Digital Pressure Calibrator

Model: M1000


Single function calibrator at standard accuracy of ±0.025% FS


  • Device c/w calibration certificate traceable to
  • Delivers ±[(0.02% of FS) + (0.005% of Reading)]
  • Measures Differential, Gauge, Absolute Pressure
  • 8 selectable pressure units
  • Operating Temperature: -4 °C to +50°C
  • Can be calibrated in the field for zero and span
  • Leak testing for low pressure gas systems
  • Pressure drop monitoring across filters
  • Monitoring vacuum on condensers or pumps


Please refer to product’s datasheet (PDF)

MicroK, Isotech Precision Thermometry Bridge

Model: MicroK


The microK family of precision thermometry bridges use a completely new measurement technique to achieve accuracies to better than 0.02ppm.


  • Supports SPRTs, IPRTs, Thermistors and Thermocouples
  • High accuracy thermocouple measurements with a voltage uncertainty of <0.25μV
  • Can display in °C, °F, K, ratio, resistance, voltage with numeric and graphical display
  • Simple Touch Screen operation with easy to use interface and data logging options
  • Can connect USB Memory Stick, Keyboard, Mouse
  • No PC needed, the display can show temperature and resistance in addition to ratio


Please refer to product’s datasheet (PDF)

MilliK, ISOTECH Precision Thermometer

Model: MilliK


A high accuracy measurement and calibration of Platinum Resistance Thermometers, Thermistors, Thermocouple and Process Instrumentation (4-20mA) over the range -270°C to 1820°C


  • Has two input channels for sensors and a third channel for current
  • The milliK can control Isotech temperature sources, sequencing through
    a programmable list of temperature set points and log data to internal memory or
    a USB drive.
  • Can display in °C, °F, K, Ohms, mV and mA with numeric and graphical display modes
  • High Accuracy < ±5ppm for PRTs, ±2μV for Thermocouples and ±1μA Transmitters


Please refer to product’s datasheet (PDF)


MFC5150x – Meriam Intrinsically Safe, HART Communicator

Model: MFC 5150X


Handheld calibrators and filed communicators. Available in ATEX (intrinsically safe) and Non-ATEX models, the MFC5150 directly reads Device Descriptions with Free upgrades/downloads for life the product – no subscriptions!


  • The MFC5150 is built on the SDC-625 infrastructure and runs Windows CE
  • With a 1 GHz processor and an 4 GB Micro SD card, this HART® communicator is ideal for all
    of your data storage needs
  • The 4.3 inch touchscreen provides excellent anti-glare viewing, allowing for comfortable
    mobile use in darkness or in bright sunlight
  • All functions are easily navigated via the full QWERTY keyboard and intuitive icons similar
    to that of a smart phone.
  • Features hyperlink menu paths, teachable device specific shortcuts, instant on, multiple languages,
    help context, video’s and TAB access to panes just like on a computer.
  • The MFC5150x is certified in the following Hazardous locations : Class I, Division I Group IIC
    (US/Canada), ATEX Zone 0 Group IIC (Europe), IECex Zone 0 Group IIC (Asia, South America, Africa)


Please refer to product’s datasheet (PDF)



QuickCAL – Isotech Portable Dry Block Temperature Calibrator

Two models available:

QuickCal 550: 30° to 350°C;

QuickCal 560: -12° to 140°C


  • Accuracy: 0.4°C to 0.2°C, using comparison techniques
  • Wide temperature ranges: covers most critical test points
  • Light 1.5kg, compact, portable and fast: nine minutes to reach temperature
  • Interchangeable inserts: have one unit with multiple inserts to suit different sensor diameters


Please download product’s datasheet here. (pdf)

Hydra 798 – ISOTECH Stirred Liquid Baths

Model: Hydra 798


Liquid flows up the rear volume of the bath and down the working volume. This action creates very small vertical and axial gradients. This gives the smallest overall uncertainties.
The cooling is built-in and also surrounds the calibration volume creating a low temperature ambient in which the heater can function efficientlys. A unique cooling system cools the unit as well as enabling the bath to heat up to 125°C (121°C is a key sterilization temperature).


Three model available:

  • Model: 798L (-80°C – 125°C) with ±0.030°C accuracy
  • Model: 798M (-40°C – 125°C) with ±0.017°C accuracy
  • Model: 798H (-30°C – 300°C) with ±0.015°C accuracy


Please refer to product’s datasheet (PDF)


Product Dimensions (mm): 405 x 610 x 940

Orion 796, ISOTECH Stirred Liquid Baths

Model: Orion 796


The Orion calibration baths oer deeper calibration volumes than the Isotech Hydra series with world class temperature stability. There is a high temperature model (30°C to 300°C) and a model with built in refrigeration (-40°C to 125°C).
These deep stirred liquid baths are suitable for the low uncertainty calibration of long thermometers including liquid in glass and extended length SPRTS.


Three model available with ±0.006°C accuracy:

  • Model: 796L  (-80°C – 125°C)
  • Model: 796M (-40°C – 125°C)
  • Model: 796H (-30°C – 300°C)


Please refer to product’s datasheet (PDF)


Product Dimensions (mm): 485 x 525 x 1150

DewMaster Chilled Mirror Hygrometer

A fast, multi-function, high precision chilled mirror hygrometer for continuously monitoring the dew/frost point temperature, parts per million water vapor by volume or percent relative humidity in gas streams.

The DewMaster is a laboratory grade, high precision, field proven instrument with multiple available sensor configurations and wide applicability to fit all budgets.


  • Measurement Ranges and PPMv Ranges:
    0 to 100% RH with all sensors, non-condensing conditions
    0 to 999,999 PPMv with all sensors, non-condensing conditions


  • Accuracy:
    ±0.2°C (0.36°F) dew/frost point standard
    ±0.1°C (0.18°F) dew/frost point optional
    ±0.5% of full scale pressure


  • Air Temperature Sensor Range:
    -100 to 250°C (-148 to 482°F)
    ±0.1°C accuracy


Please refer to product’s datasheet (PDF)


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