Hydra 798 – ISOTECH Stirred Liquid Baths

Model: Hydra 798


Liquid flows up the rear volume of the bath and down the working volume. This action creates very small vertical and axial gradients. This gives the smallest overall uncertainties.
The cooling is built-in and also surrounds the calibration volume creating a low temperature ambient in which the heater can function efficientlys. A unique cooling system cools the unit as well as enabling the bath to heat up to 125°C (121°C is a key sterilization temperature).


Three model available:

  • Model: 798L (-80°C – 125°C) with ±0.030°C accuracy
  • Model: 798M (-40°C – 125°C) with ±0.017°C accuracy
  • Model: 798H (-30°C – 300°C) with ±0.015°C accuracy


Please refer to product’s datasheet (PDF)


Product Dimensions (mm): 405 x 610 x 940

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