LR-Cal LCC 100, Pressure Controller- for small pressure, vacuum and differential pressure ranges

The LR-Cal LCC 100 pressure controller measures and generates pressure and vacuum and consequently it is more than a mere measuring instrument – it can also be applied as test and calibration instrument for pressure sensors, pressure swithes and pressure gauges. Thanks to internal pressure/vacuum generation no auxiliary tools are required for operation. An internal Li-Ion battery (chargeable) makes mobile operation very easy.
Parallel operation of mains and battery supply allows for maximum flexibility.


Typical Applications:

  • Mobile and stationary pressure standard for low pressure and vacuum
  • Mobile and stationary of all kind of pressure reading instruments
  • Mobile and stationary pressure and vacuum source for calibration purposes
  • Leak test


for small pressure, vacuum and differential pressure ranges

  • Pneumatic, measures pressure and vacuum
  • Generates Pressure/Vacuum -600 mbar to +1000 mbar (built-in electrical pump)
  • Pressure ranges to 1 mbar, 10 mbar, 100 mbar and 1000 mbar, incl. factory calibration certificate
  • Accuracy up to ±0.1% FS (+1 digit)
  • Great adjustment accuracy 0.01% FS
  • Chargeable Li-Ion battery
  • Generates pressure/vacuum by pressing a key



Please refer to the product’s datasheet here. (pdf)

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