Differential pressure transmitter 699

These pressure transmitters type 699 are available in switchable pressure ranges and with digital device or Modbus. The full-version includes customer specific adjustment possibilities. Especially  developed sensors for each pressure range allow a physically correct and long term stable measurement.
The large variety offers a manifold use in the air-conditioning technique as well as for fine measurement in industry or medical applications.



  • Available with or without LCD display
  • Adjustable measurement range
  • Switchable output signals
  • Switchable response curve (linear or root-extracted)
  • Full scale adjustable
  • Application at over and low pressure range possible
  • Fast, easy mounting. Housing incorporates integral bracket for wall or ceiling mouting
  • Resettable Zero Point (Reset button)



  • Medium : Air and neutral gases
  • Pressure range : -1…1 mbar / 0…0.3 – 50 mbar
  • Output : 0…10V, 0…20 mA, 4…20 mA
  • Accuracy : <0.5% fs
  • Electrical connection : Screw terminals
  • Pressure connection : Hose connector Ø 6.2mm
  • Screw mounting


Please refer to the product’s datasheet here. (pdf)

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