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LR-Cal LPC 200-T, Electronic Pressure & Temperature Calibrator

For calibration service companies and service industry, measurement and control laboratories, quality insurance.

  • Digital indicator with temperature sensor and interchangeable pressure sensors LR-Cal LPC-2 (plug & play)
  • Pressure ranges from 0…400 mbar to 0…6,000 bar as well as absolute and compount pressure ranges
  • Simultaneously measurement of pressure and temperature
  • MIN- and MAX values, pressure rate and data logging of pressure and temperature
  • PC-software LR-Cal LPC-Cal  included in standard delivery (read-out of logged data, creation of calibration certificates)
  • Chargeable Lithium-Ion battery, incl. mains charger
  • USB interface
  • Selectable pressure units: PSI, bar, mbar, kPa, mmHg, inHg


Please download product datasheet here (pdf).

LR-Cal LPC 300, Electronic Pressure Calibrator

Documenting Process Calibrator

The electronic pressure calibrator LR-Cal LPC 300 is used for high precision calibration of pressure instruments, e.g. pressure gauges, pressure transmitter, digital manometer, pressure switches, overpressure protection valves, etc.

The LR-Cal LPC 300 is a very user-friendly, accurate and compact solution for pressure comparison calibrations. The built-in reference sensor LR-Cal LPC-S is changeable; several pressure ranges can be covered with one LR-Cal LPC 300 unit (up to 10).

All standard pressure ranges between 0…250 mbar (0…4 psi) and 0…1000 bar (0…14500 psi) are available as well as vacuum and absolute pressure ranges in accuracy ±0.025% FS. Furthermore, ranges up to 6000 bar are available with accuracy ±0.1% FS.

The electronic pressure calibrator LR-Cal LPC 300 measures pressure, volts and milliamps and supplies 24 VDC as source for transmitter. Calibration procedures can be pre-defined and used for calibrations on site. The LR-Cal LPC 300 is featured with USB- and RS232-interfaces and is powered by a chargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack (no “memory effect”).


Please download the product datasheet here (pdf).

Pegasus-T, Dry Blocks and Portable Baths

A New Solution…to Calibrate Short Sensors at High Temperatures

The Pegasus range offers extreme high temperature calibration in an easy to use portable package – ideal for the calibration of high temperature thermocouples. It has been designed for fast heating and finds applications in the glass, electrical power, automotive and material processing industries.

The Pegasus-T is the latest member of the Pegasus family developed for sensors that are simply too short to be calibrated in the Pegasus 4853 or other conventional calibration furnaces.

The advanced control system allows the user to select optimal performance for sensors immersed at 25mm, 35mm or 50mm with three independent control loops. It also has built in over-temperature protection to protect the heater wire from over temperature thus increasing life expectancy.


Advanced Features

Fully featured high resolution display with advanced control features including multi loop control with autotune, adjustable temperature alarms with control from internal or external thermocouples

  • Temperature Programmer
    Create, Edit and Store automatic programs for temperature stepping
  • Reference Channel Input
    Can be used for external control or as a reference input. A Type R Thermocouple, Model 935-14-91 is included with each Pegasus-T
  • Ethernet Interface
    Free Software, I-Cal Easy Log – web download
  • Offset Elimination
    Connect the external reference probe and the calibrator can trim the block temperature to remove offsets
  • USB Port
    Export logged data to a USB Key, controller data is continuously logged


Please download the datasheet here (pdf).

TS81/TS81A, Indoor Humidity and Temperature Transmitter


  • Excellent quality and stable measurement
  • 1-point user adjustment
  • Analogue output and RS485
  • MODBUS RTU protocol with integer and floating type
  • Unit support metric or imperial
  • Configure adapter support
  • Transistor output with PNP or NPN connection
  • LCD display plus 3 capacitive buttons


Please refer to the product’s datasheet here. (pdf)

TSF14, Thermo Air Velocity Transmitter


  • Temperature compensation, linear adjustment function
  • Switching analogue output by dip switch
  • Off set function by button



  • Monitoring air and flow for industrial process
  • HVAC, building, factory


Please refer to the product’s datasheet here. (pdf)


The maintenance-free, microprocessor-controlled AERASGARD® RFTM – LQ – CO2 – Modbus and RCO2 – Modbus/ RLQ – CO2 – Modbus with Modbus connection, with/ without optional display, in an elegant housing, plastic, with snap-on lid, base with 4-hole attachment, is used to to monitor the entire room climate. For this purpose, measurands air humidity, temperature, CO2 concentration as well as air quality (VOC) are measured. By using a single device to monitor all four measurands, it is possible to effectively monitor and regulate the entire room climate.

A digital, long-term stable sensor used as measuring element for relative air humidity and temperature guarantees exact measurement results. The air quality is determined based on a (VOC) gas mixture sensor. The CO2 content of the air is measured using an optical NDIR sensor (non-dispersive infra-red technology).


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