Status Hart In-head Temperature Transmitter – SEM310


The Status SEM310 is a universal input in-head temperature transmitter suitable for RTD, Thermocouple and mV inputs. Accepted inputs are 2, 3 and 4 wire Pt100, thermocouple (Types K, J, T, R, S, E, L and N) in the range -10 to 75 mV and potentiometer in the range 1 to 100 kΩ. The output is 4 – 20 mA.


Status Smart Universal Temperature Transmitter – SEM210


Status SEM210 temperature transmitters are loop powered transmitter pucks for mounting directly within a temperature sensor assembly electrical head.  The SEM210 transmitter offers universal input where the same transmitter can be configured for thermocouple of RTD input.  Along with the popular Pt100 sensor type, this also includes Pt500, Pt1000 platinum type and other less common nickel and copper options.



Status SEM210 temperature transmitters offer a dual input option for 2 wire sensor types (thermocouple and RTD).  Along with redundancy benefits, this can provide a higher accuracy output by sensor averaging, for example from a duplex sensor.  In addition, PC software configuration allows the user to configure output type to track highest, lowest or output differential (or even an addition of measurements).



Status SEM210X ATEX and IECEx certified transmitters (Ex ia gas and dust approvals) are configured via a certified “USBX” configuration lead, in accordance with current legislation.



Precision Handheld Thermometer, TS975




• Input : PT100 according to EN 60751

• Measuring range : -200 to 850°C

• Accuracy : ±0.015°C from +50 to 0°C & 101°C to 199.99°C  otherwise  ±0.025%

• Memory 6000 measurements


Please download the datasheet here (pdf).

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