LR-Cal LPC 200, Electronic Pressure Calibrator

The electronic pressure calibrator LR-Cal LPC 200

  • Very simple operation
  • Easy-read display (backlighting selectable)
  • Changeable reference sensors LR-Cal LPC-2 (plug & play)
  • Pressure ranges from 0…5.8 psi (400 mbar) to 0…87000 psi (6000 bar), also vacuum-, compound- and absolute pressure ranges
  • Accuracy up to 1000 bar: ±0.025% FS; up to 6000 bar: ±0.1% FS; including certificate of calibration
  • Logging function, pressure rate, min-/max value, Bargraph, Tare
  • Issue calibration certificates with optional Windows-PC software LR-Cal LPC-Cal
  • Pressure calibration kit’s, complete with pressure test pumps as portable calibration pressure sources
  • Chargeable Lithium-Ion battery, incl. mains charger
  • USB interface
  • Selectable pressure units: PSI, bar, mbar, kPa, mmHg, inHg


Please download the datasheet here (pdf).

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