Ex-MP4 a, Intrinsically Safe Temperature Meter

Model: Ex-MP4 a


The intrinsically safe, non-contact temperature meter equipment Ex-MP4 a is a robust yet exceedingly handy and easy to use instrument for temperature measuring ex-hazardous areas.


Please refer to product’s datasheet (PDF)


EZ-Handy 10, Intrinsically Safe 4G/LTE for DZ1 / DZ2

Model: New Intrinsically Safe 4G/LTE Ex-Handy 10 DZ1 & DZ2


For users who need a more advanced mobile phone, the Ex-Handy 10 Feature Phone is designed to meet this need.

The Ex-Handy 10 enables the use of a touch screen as well as a regular numeric keypad.


ECOM introduces Ex-Handy 10 – the new generation of intrinsically safe 4G/LTE feature phones for a broad variety of applications – from pure communication to Push-to-Talk or lone worker protection.

The Ex-Handy 10 with Android operating system, is the ideal companion for innovative Industry 4.0 applications in hazardous areas. With IP68 and Gorilla® Glass you can operate the Ex-Handy 10 in the roughest of environments. With a 5-year product lifecycle and global Ex-certifications to meet all requirements, it provides a low risk investment to the user.

With customer-specific configurations and customizations, it also handles the most demanding of situations.



Please refer to product’s datasheet (PDF)


Fluke 28 II EX – Intrinsically Safe Multimeter


Model: Fluke 28 II EX

The most rugged intrinsically safe multimeter in the world



  • Extreme ruggedness, dustproof, waterproof (IP67)
  • Measures up to 1000V / 10A (outside of the ex-hazardous area
  • CAT III 1000V / CAT IV 600V
  • Min/Max/Avg and Peak capture
  • Low pass filterfor accurate measurements on variable speed motor drives
  • 4½“ digit display (20,000 counts) with backlight
  • Input alert

Please refer to product’s datasheet (PDF)


Fluke 568 EX, Intrinsically Safe Infrared Thermometer

Model: Fluke 568 EX, Intrinsically Safe Infrared Thermometer


The Fluke 568 Ex Intrinsically Safe Infrared Thermometer is certified by major rating bodies for use in Class I Div. 1 and Div. 2 or Zone 1 and 2 hazardous environments anywhere in the world. Whether you work in petroleum, chemical, oil and gas, or pharmaceutical environments, the 568 Ex allows you to carry the most trusted name in test tools into most Ex-rated areas around the globe. The simple, three-button on-screen menu interface is quick to use and makes even complex measurements easy. It takes just a few pushes of a button to adjust emissivity, record data, or turn on and off alarms. The 50:1 distance-to-spot ratio allows you to measure smaller objects from further away. And it also is compatible with K-type probes for contact measurements. Either way, you can count on the rugged, ergonomic design to stand up to tough conditions.


Please refer to product’s datasheet (PDF)


MFC5150x – Meriam Intrinsically Safe, HART Communicator

Model: MFC 5150X


Handheld calibrators and filed communicators. Available in ATEX (intrinsically safe) and Non-ATEX models, the MFC5150 directly reads Device Descriptions with Free upgrades/downloads for life the product – no subscriptions!


  • The MFC5150 is built on the SDC-625 infrastructure and runs Windows CE
  • With a 1 GHz processor and an 4 GB Micro SD card, this HART® communicator is ideal for all
    of your data storage needs
  • The 4.3 inch touchscreen provides excellent anti-glare viewing, allowing for comfortable
    mobile use in darkness or in bright sunlight
  • All functions are easily navigated via the full QWERTY keyboard and intuitive icons similar
    to that of a smart phone.
  • Features hyperlink menu paths, teachable device specific shortcuts, instant on, multiple languages,
    help context, video’s and TAB access to panes just like on a computer.
  • The MFC5150x is certified in the following Hazardous locations : Class I, Division I Group IIC
    (US/Canada), ATEX Zone 0 Group IIC (Europe), IECex Zone 0 Group IIC (Asia, South America, Africa)


Please refer to product’s datasheet (PDF)




MGC – Multi Gas Clip Detector


Model: MGC

Day in, day out, your workers have to charge their portable multi gas detectors so they can keep testing for the presence of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon monoxide (CO), oxygen (O2) and combustible gases (LEL). Unfortunately, sometimes they may forget to do so. Gas Clip Technologies can help prevent this safety risk with our new Multi Gas Clip (MGC).

The new MGC can go a full 2 months without a charge, even without ever having to be turned off. Shut down the detector nightly and the battery can last up to 4 months.



Please refer to product’s datasheet (PDF)



MGC-IR Pump, Multi Gas Clip Pump IR


Model: MGC Pump

Combustible gases, H2S , CO, and O2

Please refer to product’s datasheet (PDF)



MGC-S, Multi Gas Detector Simple


Model: MGC SimpleDetects H2S, CO, O2 & combustible gases (LEL)

No charging ever! No calibration needed!

Save time never having to charge or service your portable multi-gas detector! Reliably test for H2SCOO2 & combustible gases (LEL) with this simple-to-use & simple-to-maintain detector. Just turn it on & have worry free assurance of protection against toxic gases 24/7 for two full years.

Gas Clip Technologies’ continued development and refinement of advanced low-power photometric infrared technology for LEL measurement helps make gas detection simpler than ever in the newest member of their gas detector family – the Multi Gas Clip Simple.


Please download the datasheet here. (pdf)

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